Overall Health

How to Battle the Cold and Flu

Maybe your son got off the bus complaining of a scratchy throat. Or you feel feverish and have a stuffy nose. It looks like a weekend of sniffles and coughs. With flu season in full swing, try these tips to prepare your family. Prepare your home. Make sure you have...

9 Attainable Health New Year’s Resolutions To Tackle In 2017

In theory, a New Year’s resolution is a great idea. January is as good a time as any to change habits and make changes. In practice, many ambitious goals made on January 1st dissolve into disappointment. But that doesn’t mean that all New Year’s resolution need to end...

Preventative / Wellness Care

Preventative / Wellness Care

We offer complete well-woman exams which include comprehensive physical examinations, pap smear tests, lipid (cholesterol) screening, thyroid screening, BRCA genetic testing, ultrasounds, breast cancer screening, and bone-density tests among others.