what questions should I ask my gynecologist, OBGYN, womens health northwest arkansas, marriage, newlywed, sex in marriage, pregnancy, contraceptives, prevent pregnancyYou’ve spent months getting ready for the big day. Amongst the to-do lists should be a trip to your gynecologist. There are some important questions to ask your gynecologist before the nuptials.

Questions to Ask Your Gynecologist Before the Big Day

Whether you’ve been sexually active before marriage or not, you may want to ask a few questions, so here’s a list of questions to ask your gynecologist to help you get started.

​Is first-time sex painful?

Yes, if you are a virgin or someone who has not been sexually active. You may be unsure about how painful or uncomfortable vaginal sex will be. Your doctor can help shed some light on the process and make you feel more comfortable.

Will I bleed the first time?

It is important to understand that every woman and her body is different. Your doctor will be able to explain that not everyone bleeds when they have sex for the first time, and it is perfectly normal. Bleeding is not an indication of virginity.

What if I want to delay/ induce periods?

Getting your period around the wedding date or your honeymoon can be a big bummer. Express your concern. Your doctor can share safe methods to delay or induce your period, so it will not interfere.

Should we get any tests done before the wedding?

It would be best to talk to your partner about your relationship history. Talking about it builds trust and helps you avoid relationship problems in the future. Since it is common for people to participate in premarital sex, it is a good idea for both partners to get tested. Ask your doctor for a list of tests both of you should get done before the wedding. These should include a pelvic exam, STD tests, and a pap smear.

What If I Don’t Want to Get Pregnant Right Away?

If getting pregnant as soon as you get married is not part of your plan, it is important to discuss family planning with your doctor. Talk about the types of contraceptives available and how soon to get started before the wedding.

What are the side effects of oral contraceptives?

Each type of contraception has advantages and disadvantages. Discuss with your doctor all possible contraceptive options and the side effects of each to make an informed decision and be better prepared for any possible side effects.

Will my body change after marriage?

If you were not sexually active before marriage, your body goes through hormonal changes. Your doctor can help you to be prepared for these and explain that they are temporary.

​How much sex after marriage is considered normal?

There is no magic number that is normal. If you and your partner are happy enjoying sex, any number of times a day or week is good.

My partner wants to have sex during my periods. Is that safe? Can I get pregnant?

Discomfort and the possibility of infection are the two problems with having sex during your period.

  1. The waste blood that is leaving your body can contain bacteria or viruses that can infect your partner.
  2. Menstrual blood leakage during sex may also cause discomfort. If not too uncomfortable, you can proceed.

Chances of getting pregnant when having unprotected sex during menstruation are small but not zero.

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