Dr. Darrin Cunningham and his nurse Becky are so wonderful and kind. I was referred to him several years ago by another doctor that sees him herself. I was looking specifically for someone that would not be judgemental toward me and my decisions about my own body. At the time I was not ready to have children an had previously felt judged and pressured by a doctor elsewhere to start a family. So when I found Dr. Cunningham he was a breath of fresh air and was on board with all… of my decisions concerning birth control. I felt like he listened to me and answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns without bias. My husband and I are now ready to start a family. I had a hard time adjusting to having my IUD removed as well as other major life stresses. Any time I needed anything, even if small, Becky would return my call very quickly to discuss it with me. A couple of times I went in for a visit for peace of mind and never once was made to feel like I was an inconvenience (my previous doctor at times made me feel silly for coming in). Dr. Cunningham and Becky will never ever make you feel like you’re being silly…all of your concerns are valid. Very recently we lost our baby at 10 weeks along and I needed a procedure at the hospital. We found out that my new insurance is out of network at Willow Creek Women’s Hospital, which is where the Creekside doctors will perform if a hospital visit is needed. Instead of referring me to someone else that I don’t know, Dr. Cunningham was able to perform my procedure at Washington Regional where my insurance is accepted. They don’t practice there unless needed so this meant a lot to me that he went out of his way to do my procedure there rather than referring me to someone I didn’t know or trust. My husband had not met Dr. Cunningham or Becky until we lost our little one, but he was very impressed and pleased with their willingness to accommodate us and make us feel like we were top priority.