Samantha was my midwife for my recent pregnancy with my first baby. I and my husband absolutely LOVE Samantha! We drove over an hour just to have her for our midwife. She always listened to what my concerns and wishes were for my pregnancy and delivery. I was wanted to have an all-natural and unmedicated delivery and when I was 40weeks and a couple of days I suddenly developed gestational hypertension with very high blood pressure readings. We went ahead and induced and she made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. I still made it to about 8cm before the epidural, which we decided to do because it would help lower my blood pressure and it did! Samantha was awesome throughout my whole pregnancy and delivery and kept mine and my baby’s health a top priority! We love her and will be using her for our future pregnancies! Also Samantha’s student midwife Lauren was phenomenal and I would highly suggest her to anyone looking for a midwife in her area!! We loved our whole experience!