I honestly can not express fully in words how thankful I am that we found Samantha Corral & chose her as our midwife, but I will try! My dream was to have an unmedicated birth in the low intervention suite. She worked with me to plan for that & fielded my many questions during prenatal visits with knowledge, patience & grace. My partner & I never felt rushed during our visits. My labor did not go as I hoped bc early labor threw us a few curveballs, which were complicated by birthing in a pandemic! Even though I had a few more interventions than I dreamed of (and never made it into the birthing pool!!), I believe her support and care kept my interventions to an absolute minimum. At every decision point, we had a conversation & I felt informed & empowered to choose what was right for myself & the baby. I will absolutely want her to be our midwife in the future for any other children we are able to have.