Respect My Hormones WarningHormones, or the lack of them, have a monumental effect on men and women alike. If even one of your hormones are lacking, it can throw your body, mind, or emotions out of whack. We have all heard about PMS and how hormones during the time around a women’s cycle can create hardship on her and her family, but for what else are they responsible? Following are some of the effects of hormones.

Hair Growth – Hormones cause hair growth, and not always in the desired spot. Hormonal imbalance can give you a mustache, or even a beard. Hormone-related hair growth can be due to an overproduction of androgens, the male sex hormones which include testosterone which both men and women produce.

Hair Loss – On the flipside, hormones can cause hair loss that occur as a result of hormonal changes? Particularly post-pregnancy women notice hair falling out in handfuls in the shower. This is not from wearing it in a pony-tail for 9 months. Blame it on the hormones.

Sweating – Another effect of hormones that is less then desirable it sweating. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and also during menopause can turn your body into a hot flashing, sweat machine.

Food Cravings – Fluctuating hormones are also responsible for intense cravings, especially during pregnancy and PMS. These fluctuations can mess with our insulin levels, which makes us crave sugar. Additionally, when serotonin levels are low at times such as PMS we crave carbs because our body uses carbs to make serotonin.

Emotions – Hormones can cause crying at the drop of a hat or blowing up in anger. When hormone levels wildly fluctuate, women can experience anxiety, irritability and yes, even anger. Estrogen has an effect on the parts of the brain that control emotion.

Headaches – Headaches can be caused by, that’s right—hormones. Just prior to having your period, estrogen levels fall which can lead to headaches and especially migraines. Women can experience headaches during peri-menopause and menopause do to the lack of estrogen levels.

Acne – Hormonal shifts can do a number on your skin. The increase in levels of progesterone that happens during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and pre-period stimulates the production of sebum, which leads to sebum buildup which leads to acne.

There is help for those whose quality of life is greatly diminished by hormone imbalance. If you are suffering, there are treatments that can help. Call us at Creekside Center for Women for an evaluation to get you started on hormone replacement therapy.

Share your story with us. What are some issues that you have blamed on hormones in the past?