Curious about midwiferyIf you are curious about how a hospital-based midwife works, we recommend that you read a great article from the American College of Nurse-Midwives about how certified nurse-midwives care for patients. Following is an excerpt from the article:

“When three midwives gather for a lunchtime break at St. Mary’s OB-GYN and Midwifery Clinic, the banter naturally turns to babies — more specifically, to how newborns enter this world. The midwives share stories about the joys of recent births. They compare notes on the array of aids they offer mothers to make the deliveries as comfortable as possible — Jacuzzi tubs, exercise balls, aromatherapy, massage, music, nitrous oxide. The relaxed conversation underscores the midwife philosophy that childbirth is a natural process, not a pathological condition…”

View the full article here.

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