ready to have a baby, baby ready, pregnancy, obstetrics, northwest arkansas, womens clinicAs a couple or single, having a baby is a life-changing decision. For some, it’s a surprise; for others, it’s a planned event. How do you know if you’re ready to have a baby? Can you be sure that you are?

5 Signs That You May Be Ready to Have a Baby

Do you see babies everywhere you look? Do you find yourself wandering down the baby aisle at the market or longingly watching people with kids? While these are some good indicators of a strong desire for a baby, there are more profound ways to gauge your readiness. Here are five questions to ask. 

Is your relationship is solid? 

Contrary to widely held belief, having a baby will not fix your relationship. It will change your relationship forever, starting during pregnancy. So before you bring up the “B” word, you should make sure you’re happy in your relationship. As a single person, this can look different.

Do you have parent qualities?

How would your partner describe you? Would they use words like nurturing, patient, reasonable, and trustworthy? Would you describe them the same way? These qualities are big signs that you’ll be a good parent.

Are you financially stable?

Babies are expensive. Do you need to have a million dollars in the bank? No. You shouldn’t let money stop you from having a baby. But you should consider your financial situation. Baby-related expenses start well before they arrive. In general, you’ll want to know that you can provide for necessities, like diapers and healthcare. It’s a good idea to imagine what your life with a baby budget would look like.

Do you have a support system?

Being a new parent can be surprisingly isolating. Think about whom you have in your corner, whether that’s a partner who will raise the child with you, family members who can help regularly or in case of emergencies, or a solid community of fellow mamas and papas. You’ll quickly realize that you need your tribe more than ever.

Do you have room in your life?

After giving to your partner, job, friends, and family, do you feel you have more to give physically and emotionally?

If you feel that you are on solid ground in all five areas after weighing and considering the above, then your baby readiness is high.

I am Ready to Have a Baby!

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