Night Sweats Women's HealthWhen you wake up soaking wet after a night of restless sleep, it’s normal to feel confused and even worried. Night sweats are uncomfortable, to say the least. However, you’re not the only one struggling to understand what’s going on with your body. Over 40% of women reported they experienced at least one night of sweating in the past month.

Why am I Sweating at Night?

What causes night sweats? First, let’s rule out the easy answers. Night sweats could be caused simply from being too hot. Practice good sleep hygiene by keeping your bedroom around 68 degrees, turning on a fan, wearing lightweight, breathable pajamas, and decking your bed in cotton sheets. Because acid reflux can also cause night sweating, you can try avoiding spicy food and alcohol to see if it helps your body stay cool and dry.

Stress-induced Night-Sweats

Sometimes stress can lead to night sweats as it triggers your body’s adrenaline. Some people have vivid dreams where they run or are frightened. The sweat is a consequence of acting out the fight-or-flight response in the dream. Your body could also be fighting off an infection.

Changing Estrogen Levels Causes Night-Sweats

A common cause of night sweats for women is changing estrogen levels. For pregnant women, increased levels of hormones can increase the probability of night sweating. Women on their period may also experience several nights of sweating. Menopause tends to cause the most unrelenting sweats. Sweating from menopause is erratic and may last on-and-off for an average of seven years. If night sweats are affecting your quality of sleep, discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Your doctor might recommend medication or hormone replacement therapy to help keep your temperatures under control.

When Should I Talk to my Doctor about Night-Sweats?

There is no need to call your caregiver if you have a few nights of sweating, as it could be linked to something non-health threatening (such as being stressed at work or a recent life change). But night sweats may be from underlying health issues that can be serious or life threatening. If night sweats persist for more than two or three months, call us at Creekside Center at 479.582.9268 to discover the root cause.


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