LoveFor this Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of self-care. Being good to yourself doesn’t need to break the bank. We’ve got 10 sweet ideas for inexpensive (many of the ideas are cost-free) and healthy ways to indulge.

Explore your Neighborhood

Getting outside in your community lets you feel connected to something greater, giving you a healthy sense of peace and well-being. Linger over a coffee in a café near your home or walk around the block and say hi to the people you see.

Savor a Piece of Dark Chocolate

Few things feel as luscious as eating a piece of sweet, rich, dark chocolate. Aim to nibble an ounce of dark chocolate each day. That delicious ounce can lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, and improve “good” cholesterol.

Scent a Room with Lavender

While essential oil isn’t a panacea for all ills, studies show that breathing in natural perfume can improve you’re your mood. Spray lavender water on your pillow or stuff pillows and pockets with sachets of the dried herb.

Indulge in a Kiss

Add romance to your daily entrances and exits. Before you dash out the door and when you get home in the evening, give your partner a big kiss. Kissing reduces stress, improves your immune system, and enhances your relational health.

Splurge on Fresh Salmon

Delight your taste buds with succulent salmon. Your body will love the omega-3 fatty acids, which are so important to your heart’s health. If you don’t love salmon, try tuna steak or lake trout.

Rent a Funny Movie

Laughing reduces stress, boosts your immunity, and stabilizes your blood pressure. Go ahead, laugh it up! Just anticipating laughter seems to reduce stress so you may start to feel good just watching the opening credits.

Drink Your Favorite Tea

Sink into a cup of tension-taming tea. Green tea is rich in an antioxidant called catechins that fight cell damage. If you prefer drinks with more caffeine, black tea is full of polyphenols that protect your cells from DNA damage. Grab your favorite mug from the shelf, put the kettle on, and steep a pot of your favorite tea.


Make your body happy by stretching, perhaps while you indulge in watching your favorite TV program after work. Stretching improves your circulation, eases tired muscles and increases flexibility. Move slowly into each pose, hold each stretch for ten seconds and feel the sweet relief.

Pick Up Some Exotic Fruit

Look a little closer at the selections in your produce department: pink petals, yellow stars, tiny purple berries, and does this fruit have hair? Whether you try dragon fruit, starfruit, acai berries, rambutan (also called chom chom), all these tropical fruits have great health benefits and nutrients. It can also perk up your mood to experiment with different tastes and recipes.


What if you had a love potion that boosted your mood, helped you sleep, gave you renewed energy and increased your libido? You don’t need a magic elixir. You just need to play and move! Don’t even think of calling it exercise. Just say it’s a walk around the neighborhood, making love, dancing in the kitchen, playing tag with your kids. Ten minutes could lead to fewer colds and an increase in brain power. What better way to show love to yourself!