embarrassing-questionsSome questions you’d rather ask Google than mention to your best friend or even your doctor. We get it. We answer six frequently asked questions women have about their vagina.

Why does my vagina itch before my period?

Blame estrogen. Hormonal changes cause lower estrogen levels right before your period. This potentially leads to the skin on your vagina becoming thinner, which can make it irritated, dry, and itchy. If you’re itching horribly, though, you’ll want to get it checked out. Anything associated with hormonal changes shouldn’t be dramatically uncomfortable. If you’re distracted by the itching or you’ve noticed increased intensity, talk to your doctor. A vaginal or skin infection could be the cause.

Is it normal that one of my labia lips hangs lower than the other?

Yep, this is normal. Many women’s labia minoria is asymmetrical. If it doesn’t bother you, don’t worry about it. At your next doctor’s visit, you could discuss a procedure called labiaplasty that would correct asymmetry. According to an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, about 37% of labiaplasty patients choose to have the procedure for aesthetic reasons.

Why do I keep getting acne down there? 

Those little bumps are more likely to be razorburn than acne. Your hair-removal methods may be causing infections. If you’re shaving, take a break or try different shaving creams. If you’re preparing to go on a vacation or have a special event, consider waxing. If the bumps don’t go away after a week after ditching the razor, visit your gynecologist to make sure it’s not a rash or more serious infection.

How do I stop my vagina from “farting”?

In this situation, air is getting trapped in your vagina and releasing as you move around, say in yoga class. It’s actually called queefing and it’s caused when your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles contract to push the air out. To avoid embarrassment during exercise, you could wear a tampon to block air into your vagina.

Is it a problem if I’m getting my period twice a month?

If you’re getting your period more frequently than 25 to 35 days, then a hormonal issue, such as hypothyroidism, could be affect you, or you might not be ovulating. Set up a time to see your doctor for an evaluation. She’ll discuss your symptoms with you before a physical exam to figure out what’s going on.

Um, why do I have smelly, white discharge?

First, know that this is a very common question. White discharge by itself isn’t a reason to worry. Women have various levels and textures of discharge throughout their cycle. If the discharge is smelly, though, it might be a bigger problem. It could signal anything from a bacterial infection to a STI.  Visit your gynecologist to help you rule out these more serious issues.