Ten Tips Busy Moms to Stay fitMany moms struggle fitting in exercise into their schedules…unless you count juggling multiple schedules and sweating the small stuff as exercise. How can you  fit in working out when you barely have time to go to the bathroom by yourself? With caring for kids, work, chores, appointments, school, soccer practice and everything else, there doesn’t seem like time to sweat. If you want to carve out some time to exercise, these tentips will help.

  1. Schedule exercise in the morning. Work out before your kids are up. Too many activities and commitments come up during the day and you’ll feel great for the rest of the day. People will wonder why you’re glowing.
  2. Book an appointment. Even just scheduling a block of time in your calendar increases the likelihood that you’ll do it. Communicate with your family that Tuesday evenings are Pilates night or Saturday mornings are dedicated for a run. Make it a non-negotiable.
  3. Decide in advance how you’ll sweat. Once you’ve set aside your time to work out, figure out how you’re going to get your sweat session. Visualize yourself putting on your tennis shoes in the morning or pushing it up the hill to your home. If you know exactly what you’re going to do, you’ll make it happen.
  4. Take a workout lunch. Not a morning person? Block out your lunch time for a workout. Even if you only have half an hour, run, do yoga, stretch, walk around the block. Create the opportunity and then stick with it.
  5. Exercise with your kids. Your kids will love the quality time with you and develop healthy habits. Little ones love to move and as they get older, workouts make great bonding time. Challenge each other to races, cross the monkey bars together, pop in a workout video together, or have a dance party.
  6. Try some bribery. Well, the bribe might be a fruit snack, game time, or time at the park, but negotiate your exercise so that there’s something your children look forward to. There’s nothing wrong with making a win-win situation.
  7. Audit your schedule. If you find yourself spending the margins of your day on social media or checking email, switch the time over to exercise. If your kids have music practice, and you usually wait in the car, walk around or do jumping jacks. Do strength training while the kids are eating or do planks while they’re watching their favorite TV show.
  8. Walk it out. When weather permits, make your commute active. Walk your kids to school or bike to work.
  9. Find a workout tribe. Like-minded parents are a great support crew, especially on days when life seems overwhelming. Other parents can sympathize and offer tips.
  10. Don’t hold onto guilt. Life happens. There will be days when you plan for a five-mile run and you only have time for two. Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Do your best for you.